Dan and Jan; Fay and Jay; My Pup; and My Dog

This set of four short stories continues to be created to engage and to have fun through meaningful reading activities with an emphasis on activities in developing confident, fluent, and active readers.

Young readers are challenged with reading comprehension in a variety of ways, such as characterization, the making of inferences, the identification of main ideas and supporting details, and the young reader’s derivation of alternate story endings. The erudite continues to be purposely challenged with vocabulary enhancement, the advancement of communicational skills through both verbal and written responses, and the identification of subjects, verbs, adverbs, homophones, antonyms, and synonyms.

Questions are found following each short story along with a word list at the beginning. The young reader can practice the recitation of blends, breaking down words into syllables, and sounding out and reading additional rhyming words similar to the terms in the story to enhance word and phonemic recognition. Immersed are versatile activities to coincide with reading, making it engaging, involving, and active.

Big and Little Toe; He, She, We, and Me; I See I See!; Up, Down, and All Around